Company / Organization

1, company registration certificate

2. Shareholders' documents


1. Identification documents (such as resident identity cards or passports),

2. Current proof of address (if the identity document does not show the current address),

3, utility bills or bank statements.

Economic man

1. Representative identity documents for bidders/units,

2. The original power of attorney issued by the person/unit.

Please note that third party payments are not accepted. This rule also applies to agents.

According to the auction schedule, if you are ready to participate in the auction, remember to complete the registration process before bidding. People participating in on site or online auctions must register in advance through the auction schedule. And provide full name, address, telephone and email, and government issued photo identification and proof of address. Some transactions also require buyers to provide financial status reference documents and/or deposits before they can participate in the auction. If you plan to visit the auction site or participate in bidding by telephone, please register with the bidding department of the local auction center or entrust us to do so.

Select bidding method

1, personally bidding

Personally in the auction can feel the warm atmosphere of the auction site, but you must be prepared with your photo identification documents, in advance to the customer service department of local bid auction center to register and receive bidding cards before the auction. If you are participating in an auction for the first time, you should register 24 hours before the auction so that there is enough time for processing.

2. Telephone bidding

If you choose to bid by phone, the staff will contact you by telephone at the auction site and follow your instructions to bid on your behalf. To register for the use of telephone bidding services, please contact the tender department of the local auction center.

3, written bid

If you are unable to participate in the auction in person, you can make a written bid 24 hours before the start of the auction. The staff will bid on your behalf, simple and convenient. You only need to select the auction item that you want to bid, and submit the maximum bid amount online, and you can participate in the auction. You can also download the written bidding form and fax or email the form to the tender department.

You can send the information to the email: [email protected]

We will confirm with you the first time through the audit.

Appointment bid authorization

Auction items


Auction items




Auction time:     (date)       (month)             (year)

Client's name:                                                        

ID/Passport number:                                                            

Account bank and account number, credit card information:



Telephone:                                                                                           Postal code:                                                              

Fax:                                                                                                       Date:                                                                          

The signature of the trustee:                                                                                                                                                

Please note:

When filling out this form, you need to fill in all matters, including the auction number, name, bid, otherwise invalid, such as the client by telephone companies commissioned stupid bid, please confirm by mail and e-mail.

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