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Collection scope: Painting Calligraphy, stone carving, ceramics, jade sculptures, gold and silver bronze crafts, coins, literature, products, badges, stone specimens, jewelry, miscellaneous items,

How to commission

The client must carefully read and comply with the company's auction rules and be responsible for his own participation in the company's auction activities. When entrusting the company to auction its articles, if the client is a natural person, he must hold a valid ID card or passport or other valid ID certificate approved by the Chinese government and sign a commissioned auction contract with the company; if it is a legal person or other organization, it shall hold valid The registration certificate, the legal representative identity certificate or the legal authorization entrustment certification document shall sign the entrusted auction contract with the company.

The client irrevocably guarantees to the company and the buyer that the auction product he has entrusted to the company to auction: 1. It has absolute title to the auction product or enjoys the right of legal disposition, and will not infringe the auction of the auction product. The legitimate rights and interests of any third party (including copyright rights and interests) also do not violate the provisions of relevant laws and regulations. 2. It has, to the best of its knowledge, conducted a comprehensive and detailed disclosure and explanation of the origin and content of the auction product to the company. There is no concealment or fabrication. Except for the auction products that the company and the client agreed to have no reserve price, all the auction products have reserve prices. The reserve price is determined in writing by the company and the client through negotiation. Once the number of reserve prices is determined by both parties, their changes must be obtained in advance with the other party's written consent.

The company has full authority over the auction date, auction location, auction times, auction conditions, auction methods, and any content descriptions for any lot made through catalogues, news media or other carriers.

Except as otherwise agreed between the principal and the company, the client authorizes the company to deduct 10% of the falling price and deduct the other expenses. If the auction price of an auction item is lower than the reserve price and fails to close, the client authorizes the company to collect the unpaid service fees and other expenses. The standard for the unpaid service fee is 3% of the auction price of the auction item. Unless otherwise agreed between the client and the company, the principal shall pay an insurance premium equivalent to 1% of the price of the auction item. If the auction item has not been completed, the principal should also pay an insurance premium equal to 1% of the reserve price.

If the buyer has paid off the entire purchase price to the company in accordance with the provisions of Article 48 of the auction rules of the company, the company shall pay the principal in RMB for the proceeds of sale 35 days after the date of the auction transaction.

If the auction item fails to be executed, the trustee shall retrieve the auction item within one month from the date of receipt of the company's receipt notice (such as the expenses of packing and handling, etc.), and pay the unpaid service fee and other items to the company. Item costs. (All content is subject to the company's auction rules)

Collection rules

First, the scope of collection:

Paintings, oil paintings, calligraphic seals, ceramics, porcelain, jade, jewelry, jade, coins, sculptures, zisha, rocks, seals, inkstones, gold and silver utensils, famous watches, rare ancient books, four treasures of text, prints, statues, souvenirs, miscellaneous treasures.

Second, the auction venue:

     In line with the company’s overseas business development, the company collaborated with professionals from major cities in the world’s major economic centers to jointly commission auctions for public auctions. The locations are not limited to: Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland , Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Italy, Canada, United States, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Thailand, and other regions, the specific participation in the activities of the venue, the activities of time by the Hong Kong Royal Family Auction Co., Ltd. to arrange their own designated.

Third, solicitation notice:

1. Offices: The company currently has offices worldwide for Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, the Netherlands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Berlin, Germany, and Ottawa, Canada.

2. Charging standard: The above charging standard is as follows (charging standard chart). Due to the different consumption situations in the various countries around the country, the local charging standards are the main ones.

3. Deal commission: After the auction transaction, the commission settlement will be 8% commission for the single auction turnover.

4. Transaction Taxes: After deducting the commission portion of the single transaction amount from the auctioned transaction price, the remaining portion will be subject to 3% tax (local taxes and fees shall apply).

5. Other expenses: No appraisal fee, no flow payment fee, no transportation fee, no other unclear charges.

6, the cost of the situation: If the collection auction has not been completed, the pre-operation fees will not be refunded. If the transaction is completed, you can apply for refund of the previous payment.

7. Types of services: After consultation by the General Office of Management, it is decided that the entrusted service contract will be launched from now on. The service type of the contract is tentatively set as one.

Fourth, the unit institutions:

Auctioneer: Hong Kong Rembrandt International Auction Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong Rembrandt International Auction Co., Ltd.

V. Precautions:

● The company wholeheartedly provides high-quality services for the auction and bidding parties. Welcome to contact us by then.

● Buyer groups come from all over the world, and important buyers come from Southeast Asia, Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

● Chinese art collections are hot and attract investment from global buyers.

Sixth, corporate information:

● Company Name: Hong Kong Rembrandt International Auction Co., Ltd.

● Company address: Kaituo Building, No. 33, Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

● Headquarters website:

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